(Podcast) Accelerating performance in complexity with Colin Price

Colin Price joined Dawna Jones of Decision Insights for Innovative Change on her Insight to Action Business Innovators Podcast, for a conversation about:

  • The shift from linear thinking to working with complexity,

  • How recent political events like Brexit and the election of Trump can be understood by recognizing increased complexity,

  • Why complexity cannot be oversimplified,

  • Why middle managers are resistant to change,

  • Why high performing companies have a reduced management layer and what that means to organizational leaders explaining that to the managers affected by cost reduction realities,

  • Why accelerating doesn’t mean doing the same things but faster,

  • How complacency is created and what to do about it,

  • What top performing leaders do better,

  • The role of humility,

  • 3 things companies can do to keep pace.